What Are the Most Underrated Hermès Bags?

hermes plume handbag 

Did you know about the Hermès Plume?

What if we told you there's a Hermès bag, the Plume, that has been featured on runways for decades yet remains a well-kept secret among Hermès enthusiasts? This understated masterpiece, deriving its name from the French word for 'feather,' embodies a minimalist design and exclusive allure, resonating with an 'if you know, you know' essence. While overshadowed by the spotlight on Birkins and Kellys, the Plume boasts a feather-light design that speaks volumes of exclusivity in hushed tones.

Recently featured in both the Women’s Spring Summer 2024 runway and the Men’s Winter 2024 Show, the Plume is gradually gaining the spotlight it deserves. Once a best-kept secret, its presence hints at a resurgence, promising to shine in the year ahead. 

Plume features

Why do people love the Hermès Plume bag?

The Plume features clean lines, no garish branding, and a soft feel despite its stiff appearance. Imagine a zipper that allows you to see inside, a diamond-shaped draw that matches the handles, and small feet at the bottom—these are the fascinating elements that distinguish the Plume.

Guess what's cool about the plume? It comes in different sizes for different moods. There's a tiny mini-plume, perfect for everyday stuff. If you're into versatility, there are sizes like 28 and 32. And for your work hustle, there's the Plume 12H, a classy tote. Traveling? The Fourre-Tout travel sizes, from 40 to 45, got your back. The Plume is basically your sidekick for any occasion.

Take the Plume Tote Bag 45 Pegasus Chimeras, for example. It's not just a bag; it's a masterpiece, with a fancy design and jewelry. It's not cheap, but if you're into bag art, this Plume is a dream come true.

Plume Tote Bag 45 Pegasus Chimeras

History of the Plume: How Deep Are Its Roots?

So, the Plume has been around since the '60s, doing its thing on the fashion scene. It started with a rectangular shape and cool rolled handles, taking about two and a half weeks to make—real craftsmanship. But here's the cool part—it's had some makeovers too! Mini versions, travel-friendly ones— the Plume keeps evolving while staying timeless.

Rooted in the archives of Hermès’ luggage designs, the Plume emerged in the 1960s, featuring a structured rectangular silhouette and meticulously crafted rolled-top handles. Taking approximately two and a half weeks to craft, the Plume has held a steadfast position within Hermès’ lineup, undergoing evolutions in sizes, luxurious leathers, and exclusive limited edition designs.

Hermès’ luggage designs

What defines Hermès Plume Timeless Elegance?

Wondering why people go gaga over the Hermès Plume? Well, for those who appreciate a touch of luxury without all the flashy drama, the Plume is like a VIP ticket. Let's break it down:

Hermès Plume epitomizes minimalist design

For those embracing understated luxury, the Hermès Plume epitomizes minimalist design. Clean lines, a lack of overt branding, and hardware simplicity characterize its enduring appeal. Despite its structured appearance, the plume maintains a soft feel. celebrated for its lightweight form. Carefully considered details, such as the diamond-shaped zipper pull and discreet feet on the bag’s base, showcase Hermès’ commitment to craft and accentuate the Plume’s understated design and luxurious leather.

luxurious Plume Handbags

  • The Plume is all about keeping it simple but classy. No loud logos screaming for attention—just clean lines and a sleek vibe. 
  • Ever notice how some bags are like walking hardware stores? Not the plume. It keeps it chill with minimal bling. No over-the-top logos or crazy studs – just a smooth operator with a soft touch.
  • Looks can be deceiving, right? The plume might seem all structured, but touch it, and you'll feel that softness. 
  • Here's a secret touch: the diamond-shaped zipper pull. It's like the plume's signature move, adding a little extra flair. It's these tiny details that make you go, "Oh, that's cool!"
  • Ever worry about your bag getting a little too cozy with the floor? Not the plume. It's got these discreet little feet at the bottom, keeping it elevated and safe. It's like giving your bag its own personal space.
  • You know when you see something and think, "Wow, someone really cared about making this?"? That's the plume. Every detail, from the zipper to the feet, screams craftsmanship. It's Hermès saying, "We don't just make bags; we make art.
  • The Plume is like a leather connoisseur's dream. Epsom, Chèvre, Swift, Box, and Chamonix – it's got them all. Plus, it's not afraid to experiment with Suede, Toile, and some funky Waffle Box Calf. And for those feeling extra fancy, there's the Plume in exotic leathers like Porous Crocodile and the ever-so-coveted Himalaya.

the Plume's signature move

Sizing & Travel Totes: What Size Fits Your Purpose?

The Plume collection offers sizes catering to various needs and occasions. From the compact Mini Plume to the versatile 28 and 32 sizes, there's a Plume for everyday essentials. The Plume 12H, a refined tote, accommodates laptops and work essentials, blending sophistication with practicality. For those seeking spacious options, the Fourre-Tout travel sizes, including the 40 and 45, make a statement, offering style and practicality in perfect harmony.

Mini Plume to the versatile 28 and 32 sizes  

Leathers & Design Variations: Which Variation Speaks to You?

The Plume's minimalist design serves as Hermès’ canvas to showcase creativity. Epsom, Chèvre, Swift, Box, and Chamonix are just a few of the luxurious leathers embraced by the Plume. From classic leathers to innovative fabrics and techniques, each variation adds a unique touch. Special editions, like the Plume Tote Bag 45 Pegasus Chimeras, highlight exquisite artistry, catering to avid collectors.

Let's Break It Down

  • Epsom: Think of it like a reliable friend—durable and easygoing. Epsom leather gives Plume that polished look that stays sharp through the hustle and bustle.
  • Chèvre: This leather is like the artist's palette – it adds a bit of texture and character. It's the kind of leather that makes you want to touch the bag just to feel its uniqueness.
  • Swift: Smooth and sleek, that's Swift leather. It's like the cool kid in town, giving the Plume a modern and sophisticated vibe.
  • Box: If you're into that timeless, classic feel, Box leather is your go-to. It's like a vintage record in the world of streaming – it never goes out of style.
  • Chamonix: Soft and supple, Chamonix leather is like the comfort food of leathers. It makes the plum feel cozy and inviting.

Special Editions

Special Editions: A Collector's Dream

Now, here's where things get fancy. Ever heard of the Plume Tote Bag 45 Pegasus Chimeras? It's like the VIP of Plumes. This bag is not just about carrying stuff; it's a piece of art. With its tufting design, palladium-plated jewelry, and embroidery that feels like velvet, it's not your everyday bag. It's a bit pricier, but hey, for collectors, it's like hitting the jackpot.

Plume Tote Bag 45 Pegasus Chimeras

Styling: How Would You Wear the Hermès Plume?

The Plume, a classic handbag, effortlessly complements diverse looks, whether handheld or draped over the shoulder. For added versatility, creative touches like attaching a crossbody shoulder strap to the Mini Plume transform it into a hands-free bag while preserving its distinctive silhouette. Larger sizes can benefit from a thicker canvas shoulder strap for crossbody wear, balancing scale, and ensuring comfort.

What's your style?

The Hermès Plume, a subtle yet powerful icon, stands as a testament to timeless elegance. With its universal appeal and versatile sizing options, the Plume has secured its enduring presence within Hermès' esteemed collection. So, is the Hermès plume on your radar?  Which plume variation speaks to you? Are you vibing with the classics like Epsom and Box, or are you ready to dive into the artistic world of Suede and Toile? Maybe you're eyeing that special edition that's a work of art. Whatever your style, the plum has a flavor for everyone. Let me know which one caught your eye!

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