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Proven effective to eliminate vintage and any unwanted scents from your second hand bags! 

Bundle deal (one spray and a (2) packs of 2 odor removing blocks)

Spray: $35

Blocks: $19.95 (bundle gets you 2 sets!)

Total = $74.95

Bundle: $60

Savings: $14.95

Product Features:

  • Comprehensive odor elimination solution
  • Includes three distinct, long-lasting scents
  • Designed for versatile use: home, car, office
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic ingredients
  • Easy-to-use spray bottles

Product Benefits:

  • Banishes odors at their source
  • Enhances living and working environments
  • Eliminates pet, food, and musty smells
  • Saves money compared to individual purchases
  • Enjoy a fresher, more inviting space

Additional Details:

Revitalize your surroundings with our Odor Eliminator Bundle. This thoughtfully curated package features three uniquely formulated sprays, each tailored to combat a variety of common odors. Whether it's the lingering pet scent, post-cooking aromas, or the staleness in your car, our bundle has you covered. Crafted from eco-friendly ingredients, these sprays not only refresh your spaces but also contribute to a healthier environment. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells and welcome a renewed ambiance.

Ready to Reinvigorate Your Space?
Experience the power of our Odor Eliminator Bundle today. Transform your home, car, and workplace into delightful havens that exude freshness. Elevate your sensory experience and shop the Odor Eliminator Bundle at Redo Luxury.