Are Birkin Bags a Good Investment? A Guide to Authentic Birkin Bags

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Are Birkin bags truly a wise investment? In this guide, we'll delve into the world of authentic Birkin bags, covering everything from the best size for everyday use to spotting fakes, buying pre-owned, and even exploring the bag's history. Let's unravel the secrets of this iconic accessory and determine if it's a sound investment choice.

The Best Birkin Size for Everyday Use:

The Best Birkin Sizes


Choosing the right size for your Birkin bag is crucial, especially for everyday use. We'll explore the sizes that strike the perfect balance between style and practicality, ensuring your Birkin complements your daily activities seamlessly.

Considering Your Needs:

  • Essentials: What do you carry daily? Keys, phone, wallet, makeup? Bigger sizes offer more space.
  • Lifestyle: On-the-go professional? Opt for a roomier option for work essentials.
  • Comfort: Smaller bags are lighter, while larger ones can fit more but might feel heavier.
  • Body Type: Proportion is key! Consider your height and frame when choosing a size.

Top Contenders:

  • Birkin 25cm: The "it" size, offering chic compactness for essentials and outings. Perfect for evenings and daytime errands.  
  • Birkin 30cm: The "sweet spot" for many, balancing style and practicality. It fits a laptop and everyday essentials, making it versatile for work and leisure. 
  • Birkin 35cm: The original size, spacious enough for laptops and ideal for those who carry a lot. Great for travel or busy days. 


Where can I buy a Pre-owned Birkin?

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Looking for an authentic pre-owned Birkin to elevate your luxury collection? Look no further than Redo Luxury, your trusted source for genuine second-hand designer bags. Redo Luxury stands out for its commitment to authenticity and quality, ensuring each Birkin bag meets the highest standards. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of designer accessories, Redo Luxury provides a seamless and trustworthy experience. Choose Redo Luxury for your pre-owned Birkin needs, and indulge in the assurance of genuine luxury with every purchase.

Is a Birkin a Good Investment?

Hermès Birkin Sellier 25 Craie Epsom Gold

Explore the investment potential of Birkin bags. We'll weigh the factors that contribute to their value over time, helping you make an informed decision on whether investing in a Birkin is a financially sound choice. Here's the lowdown on these fancy handbags (aka authentic luxury Birkin handbags)


  • Famous and fancy: Everyone knows the brand, making it valuable.
  • Worth more over time: They tend to get pricier, even beating stocks & gold sometimes!
  • Rare as a unicorn: Not many are made, so everyone wants them, pushing up the price.
  • Hold & enjoy, or sell later: You can use it or resell it for even more cash (preloved branded bags market is hot!).


  • These are not cheap, starting at thousands and going way up for special ones. 
  • You need to keep it clean, store it right, and insure it—all - which cost money. 

Buying a Birkin isn't for everyone. Think about your money goals, how much risk you're okay with, and how much you love luxury before deciding. Preloved Birkins might be a more affordable option!

Black Togo Birkin 25

Buying a Birkin as an investment isn't for everyone. Think about your budget, how much risk you're comfortable with, and how much you love luxury stuff before you decide. You can also check out the pre-owned online shop for more affordable Birkin options at Redo Luxury.

How to Care for Your Birkin Bag?

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Preserve the beauty of your Birkin with proper care. Learn essential tips on maintaining and cleaning your bag to ensure it remains a timeless and cherished piece in your collection.


  • Casual Cool: Birkin + jeans + flowy top + sneakers.
  • Desk to Dinner: Neutral Birkin for work, switch to bold for night.
  • Weekend Vibes: Sundress, maxi skirt, or jumpsuit + Birkin.


  • Glam Goddess: little black dress + statement heels + Birkin.
  • Cocktail Chic: Metallic or vibrant Birkin adds flair to your look.
  • Date Night Darling: Romantic dress/jumpsuit + Birkin for a wow.

Styling Hacks:

  • Balance Birkin's structure with flowy/oversized clothes.
  • Match Birkin to your outfit or use it as a color pop.
  • Keep jewelry minimal to let your Birkin shine.
  • Rock your Birkin with confidence; it's your statement piece!


What is the most expensive Birkin bag?

Hermès Himalayan Birkin Diamond

Attending a formal event? Opt-in for an elegant evening gown or a sophisticated pantsuit. Your birkin, held with poise, becomes the perfect accessory to complete your glamorous ensemble for those special occasions.

Birkin bags are not just stylish accessories but symbols of luxury and timeless elegance. Our Redo Luxury's guide covered everything from choosing the right size, spotting fakes, and buying pre-owned to understanding their investment potential, historical significance, care tips, and styling ideas. 

Whether you're a longtime collector or new to designer accessories, knowing more about Birkin bags enhances your understanding of this iconic item. 

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Now, let's chat! How do you see Birkin bags fitting into your style and investment plans? Are they just a luxe accessory, or could they be a smart investment for you? Share your thoughts as you explore the world of Birkin bags.


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